Yes! Both of them have insanely wealthy people in extremely nice enclaves, surrounded by plenty of sub-3rd-world filth. If you ever read Jane Jacobs "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" she describes exactly the cycle we are experiencing: a cheap place is colonized by artists and eccentrics, it becomes cool, this attracts mainstream folks, this makes the place hyped & expensive, the people who made it cool move away, it then becomes lame, eventually it decays, is abandoned, and becomes cheap again. Where there are fluctuations in expensive asset prices, people see opportunity. So now I'm wondering if there are a lot of VCs because there are a lot of tech companies. I have lived in SF since 2005. I wish someone would do a study of that at UC. Since the US isn't an island, anytime SF loosens up, CV will immediately spike anyway, so no real advantage gained. I'm in LA for some time because it's nicer this time of year but I have enjoyed my time in SF and all the things I can do there. NYC if anyone sets up a tent you can report and it'll get dumped the same day. If you look at historical data, a house was $200k back in the 1980’s, or about $650k today. The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the risk of female genital mutilation or FGM, with the UN predicting that an additional two million girls will be subjected to the practice in the next ten years. As far as biking infrastructure, if you ignore the other problems, SF has really stepped up its game, mostly due to the effort by the SF Cycling coalitions, I believe (And a number of cycling related deaths). It feels either a problem of: 1. A joint United Nations-Government of Ethiopia mission to Mekelle in the country’s Tigray region, on Saturday, underscored the need for strong partnership to rapidly scale up a Government-led collective response to meet immediate humanitarian needs in the region.Â. The US is running at an average 1500 deaths a day now. There's a small window around 10:00am-11:30am where you can just get in the car and run somewhere real quick without sitting in it. But I see a lot of what I perceive to be jealousy amongst the noble concern for those less well off. If more people and money come in, then one of those things must change, so they blame it on more people and money coming in. ), Exactly. Rather than addressing cost-of-living inequity, tech just drove up real-estate prices. The comments stay that way until someone like me comes along, reads your invisible text, and vouches for it - which I've done in this case. That field is increasingly getting commoditized. because its easy to rouse the mob to go and lynch someone else instead of submitting to a forensic audit or a rip out transparent budget analysis. I'm not dismissing it, and your quote is not something that I ever said -- who are you quoting? The geography of the region is just too damned good for the density. My wife and I daily appreciate the fortune of having the luxury of working full time remote. Some natives want it to be 1) affordable to live where they grew up 2) with the density (/"character") they grew up with. SF had a city budget of approx. Finally, this is my current view: Expect a historic drop in revenue for the city, this means less services, less funding for education, more filth, more homeless, more drugs everywhere. You could differentiate Chicago's genuine homeless from the career panhandlers downtown by the bleach-stained clothes. [0] Getting people to stop using drugs is a much taller order. Even in quasi non capitalistic is the difference between Russia and China. I upvoted you because I want to discuss your point. To great effect, mind you. Fixing the zoning and required infrastructure to support more people is not something that will change overnight either (or ever, potentially). Area high school basketball. Honestly laughed out loud reading GP compare the shittyness of San Francisco to how unbelievably awful and abandoned parts of Detroit are. Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. Our electricity is almost all hydro, and so very green. > It depends heavily on where in the city you are. Because it is unfair. The other items are generally about high winds, and this house is pretty much proof against that. For 98% of Californians, "muh fifth largest economy" has actually been a profound net-negative. Life is full of risk and trade-off’s. Friday, February 5th, 2021. It's negligent to imply that this means that they are or would be negative. Are you saying OP should blame their self? I've never seen used needles on the bike path. Your fucking football team is named for this very idea.[0][1]. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to accept that cities change, often for the worse. Exactly, even many "progressive" groups are okay with a situation where many people who want to live in SF won't be able to. If they have the incentives to protect the wealth fund. I see this move as being a boon for a lot of cities in the US: Atlanta, Dallas, Austin and Denver spring to mind. MADRID — As soon as the lifeless body is silently pushed away on a stretcher, a cleaning battalion moves into the intensive care box. The number of people who have received a COVID-19 vaccination now exceeds those reportedly infected, the head of the UN’s health agency said on Friday, while warning that after inoculating their own health workers and older people, countries must share doses with others, to eradicate the deadly coronavirus. And yet most of us will see these statistics, think they’re a shame, and quickly move on. Any idea how much effort goes into converting these individuals to productive members? I would argue that making factually true statements for which the obvious implication actually is not true is inappropriate - and if it's not by mistake (as it seems out of your other comments) then it's intentionally misleading and should be downvoted. This is what it means to have all the incentives shaped against you. Now imagine the problem is many people will be out of work? those who perform repetitive tasks with their hands) will continue to exist. The problem is that in reality, paying more taxes just creates more problems. I came up with one person: a psychologist. Like food when they had food. We have writers who are always ready to work and take up orders with a short deadline. There's no state income taxes. The amount of raw sewage alone that i smelt blew my mind. That was a mental mistake on my part. that..some might not only unreasonable and unacceptable, but also impossible. Or.. more controversially, mental health issues that shouldn't be allowed to exist in this state. However not many deaths. It appears in the form of an anthology, a compilation of texts of a variety of forms that are all linked by the belief that they are collectively revelations of God. And I can tell you exactly how it works..because I farm, this is my religion. The rich can afford to live wherever they like and take Ubers or corporate shuttles. They had a "transactional" relationship with the city, but I like to think that New York was also enriched by their presence. Any money you save, CalPERS will eat. I have no problem paying Zurich level prices to live in SF due to its surrounding beauty, great opportunities and people but the mismanagement of the city has proven the high costs do not come with high quality of life. But WA. This year in a pretty comfortable Biden win, Trump carried Texas by a mere ~5.5. That would be the rational thing to do. Your company got sold for $100 million? This demise will be longer lasting than most. Another issue I suggest is also that systemic issues are harder to solve- I don't live in SF but I understand there is corruption, NIMBYism, and waste that takes the considerable budget SF has and doesn't actually improve lives for the neediest who live there. The majority of Detroit is shitty. So there are clearly going to be massive negative impacts from the mitigation, and nobody will know the scale for decades to come. The problem, of course, is that you can replicate that level of safety, if it matters to you, anywhere, by locking yourself in your house. [1] Regional wealth and inequality cause liberal policies, liberal policies don't cause wealth & inequality. More meaningful might be number of positive test results as compared with total number of tests I suppose. Reports suggest either no rise in suicide rates (Massachusetts, USA11; Victoria, Australia13; England14) or a fall (Japan,9 Norway15) in the early months of the pandemic. It is very much possible to have a poor existence if there's no reasonable path to middle class. A bit off topic perhaps, but i'm always interested in peoples opinion on the subject. It's not like "oh, avoid this dark corner of town," but instead it's like "there's some nice high-end shopping here with naked bleeding people injecting drugs literally in front of the door.". > It sounds to me what you really want is for someone to alleviate your discomfort by shoveling off the riff-raff so that you can enjoy your bike ride, rather than having to address the systemic issues, which might impact your net worth. And not just SF; my grandparents immigrated to New York with nothing, worked hard to establish themselves, and eventually moved out to raise a family. > it's fairly isolated from inclement weather phenomenon. 3) The cost of living in San Francisco is much higher and therefore government pay scales in San Francisco are some of the highest in the country. I agree with you, but I am also a person that just wants someone to do it. It's easy to criticize SF for its negligence, but the homeless challenges are real and the affordable solutions tend to be severely lacking empathy. Union Square is very, very different from Sea Cliff and because SF is relatively small physically, it doesn't take long to go from one part to another. It's .. interesting, since i generally have no clue what to do here. Try East. Otherwise it turns a quick trip to the grocery store into an hour long affair. A city is more than its covid rate. Therefore, since the city is now exclusively populated by rich people, wouldn't the average person be rich, and therefore have a better quality of life than the average middle class person ~30 years ago? Insert any decade in the past and you can tell the same story... Good. Many of these fields hardly touch each other and have jargon that is unintelligible to the others. In the past 14 days, 99.798% of residents in San Francisco County have NOT received a positive COVID-19 test. If it's not possible to have a middle class existence in SF, then surely it's even less possible to have a working class or poor existence in SF. Keep in mind that there are millions of right-leaning individuals in populated coastal areas (much more than many red states combined) and of the pool of people considering moving they are often the most motivated. In particular, John Elberling has been the biggest proponent of increasing low-income housing requirements in new construction up to the point where apartment buildings are expected to be only marginally feasible (, and he dismisses the effect that this would have on preventing new housing. Also the idea that Californians moving are responsible for pushing Austin in a more liberal direction I find untrue and a bit at odds with reality both from data presented on metro-to-metro movements [1, 2] and also with my own anecdotal experience here. We received direct confirmation from a U.S. three-star general that “the U.S. military knows the election was stolen; all … > Most places don't do any "shoveling off the riff-raff", yet they don't have that problem. I really don't know anyone in SF who thinks Detroit, Buffalo, etc in that way. No offense, but you're digging back to 1962 to find that weather. Pinterest paid big money to break its lease to move out of SF, Stripe is moving out, Charles Schwab and McKesson, and Bechtel also moved their HQ out of SF and CA in general. Let me put it this way: I used to say that everyone (who worked at Google) lives in the Bay Area to work at Google whereas people work at Google everywhere else to live in those places. If WFH really gains long term traction then the SV salaries are not going to hold up either. I'm pretty sure it was this article that did it buried in some comment. I am glad I am no longer living in San Francisco. Rather than addressing transportation issues, tech just built their own exclusive network. Bloomberg delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to the world, featuring stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg News on everything pertaining to politics His app was high-quality, and he ended up getting an investment from a VC. Other states? > Funny that there's not a single mention in the article about natives and long-time locals who have constantly voted against new construction or any progressive housing measure, which is the root cause of the crisis to begin with. COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Gov. 1) San Francisco has a unified city-county government. At the same time, the very large amount of water near us strongly moderates our temperature fluctuations, similar to but stronger than the same effect on the peninsula in the SF Bay Area. The data I've seen on suicides is cautiously optimistic in many places. Yeah but Chicago pays for those things too, maybe even moreso. Next year's budget was scaled back by $1.2 billion ($13.6 -> $12.4). >Those rents were by and large captured by SF "natives" who bought or inherited their properties decades ago. Tech money buys surprisingly little political influence because the government, unions, construction are all very powerful. > What's the issue with simply reversing that metric to show many people are COVID negative? But I think your point is strong enough to be presented without exaggeration or misleading. SF is the greatest city in the world in the same way that the USA is the greatest country of the world. I've never understood why I, a transplant who needed a place to live, was blamed for high rents and not my landlords, real estate millionaires who vote against new development. That was largely due to there being too many people who had to live there. Before I'd agree to paying even more, I'd want to know what exactly my existing taxes are paying for, and why those things are more important than cleaning up literal shit from the sidewalks. Selection bias is the greatest force known to man. At least explain yourself. Most places don't do any "shoveling off the riff-raff", yet they don't have that problem. Though to be fair, they have their own theories of how they think new housing causes gentrification, and they typically try to encumber developers with low-income housing requirements and other community benefits rather than opposing new housing for the sake of benefiting incumbent landlords. Even if that doubles, that leave a lot of room for additional deaths due to deferred medical care. It's a beautiful place full of excellent people. 27 Likes, 0 Comments - Cindy Jenkins Group (@cindyjenkinsgroupjax_exp) on Instagram: “It’s official, I got my younger daughter, Madison, all settled in at USF in Tampa. I added an edit to that comment to say I was wrong. In my mind, things that are easily converted to cash. Go figure lol. ", It's what your city has been about for over 170 years. So middle-class housing buyers pay significantly more to cover that cost. Nay, I celebrated the taxes I paid because I saw where they went all around me. See for yourself at Full disclosure, I built this website. The only reason employers are okay with full remote right now is because of legal liability. More than walking, sure, you are usually faster. They are here for the jobs, and resent the city. The people you wrote about in the last paragraph still can't afford to get in, and it's not like there is a lot of work in, say, the restaurant industry right now to finance these side efforts. It sounds like to me that you're saying that the city and surrounding governments couldn't handle the new, unruly kid on the block that is "tech", so the kid gets blamed for having bad parents? There are three groups. > dangerous grime (such as needles in bike lanes). We appreciate that you have chosen our cheap essay service, and will provide you with high-quality and low-cost custom essays, research papers, term papers, speeches, book reports, and other academic assignments for sale. The Bay Area is excellently situated to take advantage of this, having 2 world-class universities, a number of smaller colleges, thriving industries in all of these, and lots of capital. This is a great comment because it recognizes that all of what's happening is cyclical. > I contend that if you are not taking a test it’s because you didn’t need a test. So, you're saying there's a chance I could afford to move there one day? All the public school socialism taught by unionized teachers to weaponise entire generations is going to backfire. It is propaganda. Over 11 years, we lived in three different apartments, always within 10 minutes bike ride to Caltrain, and every place I worked was within a 10 minute bike ride from Caltrain. Sure, but being an industry town is largely a consequence of city policy. That we're more than 100 feet above any relevant body of water protects us from the latter. You know that odd feeling of unfairness and powerlessness? I used to lament having to commute 2 hours to SV, but then SV came here, and boy, the City has gone to shit because of it. Research databases are key resources for every college or university library. if there are no jobs for 'techies', there wont be any jobs for the second tier in the service sector economy. What? Like, what do you want here? On your site, El Paso is still at around 98% negative tests, which makes it appear like everything is under control when in reality the hospitals were mostly overrun and had to send patients outside of the county. As it is in almost any liberal US city. If you're in California and San Francisco, your taxes are already higher than they would be in most other places in the USA. Get a new, rent-controlled place now - you'll never have a better opportunity. But before the tech boom it wasn’t affordable for lower income people. In socal where I live now places are 800k - 1.1M and the schools are 9's & 10's. However my BS detector immediately went off when I read the phrase "99.798% of residents in San Francisco County have NOT received a positive COVID-19 test." In reality it takes much longer than 30 years to topple empires as large as California (or the Bay Area) and it will often appear externally healthy right before the crash.