People just don’t want to think. If you got to the book of Revelation chapter 13: you will see the dragon which gave them their power. And have some regular smokes as well, I was told. Please read this and maybe you will reconsider your perception of the present time events :, @Frank WELL SAID! Could the same lying media have been lying about WW2 and other related events? Our Pfizer … Then they started with the memorials, cash cows one and all, and burnt the so called event into everyone’s memory permanently. Not to say people didn’t have the potential to be better shepherds, but they happened to have turned into even more magnificent sheep. The Rockefellers’ donation of the plot of land where that OTHER (besides D.C.) “…wretched hive, of scum and villainy” (‘Ben Kenobi,’ in “Star Wars”) stands, also shows where that demon-inspired family’s loyalties lie. Most likely this will remain true; however, what is changing is that in the future (according to the plan), death will be “cured.” The mind controlled who point to people dying as proof of some sort of emergency pandemic have not noticed that the change is simply that. Depression, anxiety and confusion also stem from chemical consumption. 21,000. IG Farben was the Pharma monopoly of yesteryear, in other words, like Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, or Pfizer is today. We are humans and hold the highest vibration of any other beings. However, if you are not familiar with uncompressing RAR files, I upload now each of them individually , for your convenience : MOS CRACIUN: those links take me right back to WeTransfer. “In the beginning, God got lonely, so he made a man. I must admit, though I’m neither a fan of hollywood, this is about 100% correct. And everyone is electrosensitive, it is just that some are more attuned to their bodies and minds than others. Frank, have you seen “The Greatest Story Never Told”? This is allopathic QUACK America, where the doctors do what the politicians designed them to do, push pills, is pathetic, unethical and demented. ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ John 3:16. I will not blame the Jewish Bankster crimes on Germans. I felt he was unqualified to advise me or treat me medically. It was always like that and the present scam perpetuated by the pharmaco-medical cartel is another example , nothing unusual …. You are so right. David Cole visited Auschwitz in 1992 to investigate the accuracy of the Holocaust. That right there should tell anyone how far back and how deep it goes. I’m sure you won’t like the combination of speed and anger. I’m asking you to think of others as well as yourself. But as you travel up the corporate ladder, SOMEONE not only knows, but INTENDS to keep committing the crime. Your email address will not be published. 3 Investigating Bayer’s role during World War II reveals the complex and often dark history of German pharmaceutical companies during the Holocaust . Not to this current lie but, in that time we had to wear masks gloves and paper gowns smocks to see our son in intensive care. Go figure. Yes, it takes you back to the same place ( WeTransfer) but this time I put there for your convenience EACH BOOK ( 2 separate files) . @ Brian, Not directly related to a medical coup but Bush crime family P Bush, George Walker, Harriman etc financed nazi socialism and absolutely never spent a day in prison. My BFF and his sisters were not able to go down there to retrieve body/ashes. no. A heckler turned out to be his son, who then accompanied him in a duet. So I hear some screaming. /watch/catherine-austin-fitts-full-interview-planet-lockdown_112i4OVWAF9MHcT.html, Website Name: And now we have the fraud called COVID-19. thank you Jon, and all you attract here for comment. Farben plants having been ‘safe zones,’ to which townsfolk could retreat, while Allied bombers destroyed their homes. Yes, that’s true. Deniers of Truth. In fact, the RDAs are *intentionally* set about an order of magnitude too low, for both iodine and vitamin D. Isn’t that convenient? I knew many many years ago that the newscasters on TV were lying. Here is deep background, which illuminates the current pharmaceutical lead role in the COVID fraud and devastation: In 1933, the largest cartel in the world, IG Farben, enabled Hitler’s rise to power. But the fact of the matter is that many people are suffering in so many ways right now – across the globe – that it’s incredibly difficult for me to single out any one cause that is more heinous than the others. Period. I always thought it odd that Americans would leave America to defend America. 6 is a beautiful picture of the ATPase proteins sprouting like mushrooms on stalks (or rather like spikes) from the membrane vesicles. Maybe Greece was a test run. Apparently, he was very racist, misogynist and likely a pedophile too. “At the end of the War, Farben executives were put on trial and, despite the efforts of Telford Taylor, the chief US prosecutor, and assistant prosecutor, Josiah DuBois, the sentences handed out were light” suggesting (intentionally or unintentionally) that Telford was not a dog. Yup, maybe even VII, if you include the global “War on Tara”. If treated correctly only .01% die from it. I thought it was Bayer that bought Monsanto…? Dupont has their “Pioneer” and “Crop Protection” for “High crop yields” and “More nutritious foods.” When did chemicals become nutritious? BAD. It was depressing to me to understand her, a loss, but ultimately I became stronger. I thought the whole point of Europeans going to America was to leave European conflicts behind. I have been aware of that connection for a long time in the very simplistic sense of the Nazis’ use of “IBM punch cards.”. Thank you for moderna’s “Front Page”. Greece was the first Western country to be given the Economic Hitman treatment. Intelligent people, my friends and family. “The IOT, Internet Of Things, is being designed to include humans.”. The following is a list of neurotoxic pesticides and their manufacturers disguised as “science” that helps mankind and the environment, when they do just the opposite: Cargill features their friendly slogan: “150 years of helping the world thrive.”. (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.). I refuse to bring new life into a dying world. One of the main goals with this magic new virus and the magic new vaccine is the reset of the actual monetary system towards a centralized cryptocurrency model. Without being”sought out and punished”? I remain compassionate to all. To that end, I found my books on BARTER today! That’s where we now seem to be. I’m not sure you have been paying attention. And how to avoid persecution for not getting “the vaccine.”. We lost our 41 year old son in February. Monsanto also runs counter-intelligence in the form of propaganda and the dismantling of its own critics, via mass media and online bloggers. IG Farben was a monopoly and Hitler used it to poison and kill people he needed to control. 2021 will be the study of how to get good food since I was banned from one Traitor Joe’s yesterday. Just to reinforce the message of Jon’s article :, @ jon, Here’s madagascar, for instance (a generally sunny place, without the amenability to persuasion of the typical western “nation”, with around 75-80% poverty: Although not a covid-supporter, I just “escaped” from a very toxic relationship with someone who turned out to have what is called a borderline personality disorder. Stay out of fear. About something. Fortunately, I stopped giving a shit about him, his life, and his “issues” – and got the hell out of dodge. Using chemicals to pollute the food and medicine of his enemies, Hitler conquered countries like it was nothing, one at a time. When people gladly give away their freedoms and rights for the promise of Government safety we are screwed. And I will burn them, roast them, toast them and have friendly BBQ. This is cancer. and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns (10 world rulers).” Daniel 7:7. Pfizer Settles Norplant Lawsuits For $29.5 Million After 17 years of litigation, Pfizer has reached a preliminary agreement to settle a Norplant contraceptive class action lawsuit for $29.5 million, according to Mealey’s Drugs & Devices Report. was a reincarnation He is antichrist. IG Farben was formed in 1925 from a number of major chemical companies that worked closely together since World War I. I keep asking myself what these guys must have been thinking as they left their girls behind… And why didnt the girls say… hey.,. You can EASILY multiply that by a factor of ten to gain a more accurate picture. Hitler used what we now call “Biotechnology” to wage war on his enemies using chemical warfare and to torture (and kill) his prisoners of war – namely 6,000,000 Jews. Top it all off with Monsanto’s manufacturing of synthetic bovine growth hormones, also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin, that are used in the CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) that fuel the fast food industry and their daily diet of hormone-laced meat. Hitler used the “Big Pharma” of the time – the monster-pharmaceutical-conglomeration of the early nineteenth century, IG Farben, as his means to the “end” – the proposed end of any human who was not of the “Master Race” he believed he could actually create, maintain, and use to rule under his New World Order. I’m empathetic towards all who have lost loved ones. Everyone get over yourselves, be safe, be kind and for the sake of the elderly and unhealthy, wear a mask and wash your hands. 4. Big Pharma invented food chemicals and Biotech calls them science! Après la guerre, les employés d'IG Farben ont été jugés par le Tribunal militaire international de Nuremberg, créé après 1945 pour juger les criminels de guerre. The prisoners in these camps weren’t being starved and emancipated on purpose, there simply was not enough food, that plus Typhus ran rampant in all of the camps (#1 killer at all camps was typhus). Then in 1999, Hoechst AG challenges (and settles) US antitrust laws with the FTC with its Rhone-Poulenc merger. Also, the Rockefellers started the WHO in order to put in place total control over medical practice world wide so they could make all the profits. Who knew that decades later, pharma-style experimentation would lead to the development of Zyklon A, which releases hydrogen cyanide upon exposure to water and heat. That’s MY diagnosis ’cause he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him. The maiming and killing also comes with the administration of the favored toxic drug, Remdesivir, and the use of breathing ventilators plus sedation. Dr. Fauci Is Speaking At The World Vaccine Congress in September Alongside A Coterie of Public Sector and Private Sector Folks From WHO, CDC, FDA, Merck, Pfizer, etc. Monsanto manufactured Agent Orange, the chemical warfare the US used to defoliate brush in the jungles of Vietnam and to poison the food supply of the enemy. Thus, the Hegelian dialectic of: “problem, reaction, solution” (Tomorrow’s news, or yesterday’s: 1) A covert invasion and/or assassination, 2) Our overt ‘assistance,’ and then, 3) A dictator-/’partner’-ship?) somebody else in comments mentioned deleterious effects of drugs on ATP cycle, Reading “Power, Sex and Suicide:Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life ” by Nick Lane. why don’t you stay HERE to defend here? It seems now that the war, the actual killing and fighting was only a culling of Democracy’s best — as recruitment was specific about physical attributes for enlistment. Monsanto had grown to be despised by its customers for contaminating the soil, water and food. Anyway, what I learned from that experience is that certain kinds of psyches, such as the abusive types, are covid supporters, not based on reasoning, not based on good will, not based on facts. Styrene is classified as a possible human carcinogen by the EPA and by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The following is taken from, it clearly explains the dark history behind now named Pharmaceutical giant Bayer: Auschwitz was much more than a concentration camp. So, question everything. At first link, once you are there , just click the button DOWNLOAD and that’s it — it will put the file on your computer. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. well said NOMoreLies. I start running towards it. Why is it a crime? Appreciate your input. The ignorant that have been lied to, the truth hidden from, imposed on, and indoctrinated…say, like typical children, I would consider them innocent. The whole operation was run by the “social medicine” department. Let it loose and it will defend itself”. Once Hitler officially came to power, they agreed on … (1), The IG Farben Pharmaceutical Conglomerate simply morphed into U.S. Pharma. The ego-anti-Christ is a born loser. Or perhaps I should remind you of Goering (which as far as I can tell, dictated Nazi policy, rather than hitler or goebbels). The fact that Syncitin is also a biological homolog and is necessary for the development of the placenta has raised fears of the injection causing infertility in child-bearing women, for example. We have always accepted death as a normal part of life—probably because there has been no way out from death. I’ve being full attention, Mr. Faustman. We are the 4th Reich. (5) A huge environmental concern and a known carcinogen, Styrene is the basic building block of polystyrene. This hospital(YOU SEE ELL A at Westwood) took our sons life, yes, it was their fault, he should not have died but, it was by their hands and their “mistake”. (8), (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), USDA and Monsanto “Biotech” Industry Collusion. Mommy was left out, too. It was God’s wrath against Judaism. The vast majority of deaths with Covid-19 there is an additional 2.6 comorbidities. I am sure most of us here are in the same boat. (6). I read the book “the Crime and punishment of IG Farben” many years ago now. Is about power over people in custody and custody is not only in camps or jails ( where is visible), is also in the so called “freedom” ( achieved by means of deceit and propaganda). THen just repeat the above procedure and select BreeZip. Pascal Soriot, now chief executive of AstraZeneca (monster pharma firm) held positions (through Aventis) at Hoechst AG for over fifteen years, up until 2006. Plus, these biotechnology firms, which are basically chemical-agriculture companies, are becoming a huge sector of the pharmaceutical industry. But they are only distributed to Jewish settlers, and not the roughly 2.7 million Palestinians living around them who may have to wait for weeks or months.”, “Two weeks into its vaccination campaign, Israel is administering more than 150,000 doses a day, amounting to initial jabs for more than 1 million of its 9 million citizens – a higher proportion of the population than anywhere else.”, I’ve been telling people about how the nazis were complicit with their governments, how they established their psychiatry, agriculture, despite having “lost the war”, how biochemical toxins were repurposed for cancer, chemo treatments for years. Nothing new for a few I agree, but the majority of the population has been indocrinated with holocaust bs stories and quackery masked as health care. I have often cited Dr. Barbara Starfield’s July 26, 2000, review in the Journal of the American Medical Association, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”. Not only does the United States government use chemical warfare on its enemies, it uses it, indirectly, on its citizens. The killing—of the frail and elderly—comes through the terrifying diagnosis of the “pandemic disease,” plus the forced isolation from family and love ones. They are in the business of making money, at all costs including HUMAN LIFE, by killing weeds and bugs that destroy the best selling crops. Starfield conservatively stated that every year, the US medical system kills 106,000 people by direct administration of FDA approved medical drugs.

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